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Jun 092015



 …Growing Forward!

Join us Saturday, June 27th

for a day of volunteerism, food and fun!


All Proceeds Benefit our

501 (c) 3 Non-Profit BusFarm

BusFarm's Urban Farm

8am-9am: Yoga in the garden – Bring a mat or towel

9:15am: Nia class with SarahMax

9am-12pm: Volunteer Activities, Breakfast, Kid Friendly

Bring: garden tools, water bottle, hat, sunscreen


Local Vendors, Tastings, Product Demos

Water Kefir Workshop (includes grains) $10

Worm Workshop – $10 suggested donation

Intro to Essential Oils – Summertime Remedies – $5 suggested donation

Other Workshops Pending


Children’s Activities, Games + Races



Donation Jar (Checks payable to: BusFarm, Inc.)

1:30pm-3:30pm Mr. Leonard’s knife sharpening (bring your knives + tools!)

541507_10151073108200935_1540898298_nFor more info, or to volunteer: 804-397-7339

817 Mechanicsville Turnpike

Richmond, VA 23223


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May 182015

Hi members — We have a stellar share for you this week.  Some favorites, plus a few interesting new things to stretch you a little. We have some amazing vinegars packed a la carte for you to try – they have been flying out of the market: Agriberry/Virginia Vinegarworks cooperative Sweet Releast Blackberry Vinegar (use like balsamaic),  and RazzleDazzle Raspberry — amazing in salads, or try as a reduction.


  • ramps – foraged wild. great interview with Chef Jeremiah Langhorne on ramp foraging in WaPo. FoodInJars ramp post, plus other great easy pickles
  • asparagus – Sneads Asparagus Farm: try grilling! or roast in oven with balsamic vinegar and cheese
  • strawberries – Agriberry. with balsamic vinegar Allie made this strawberries and cream cake, and subbed coconut oil for veg oil,  jam, or small batch jam from food in jars (great site for cool stuff to jar up in small batches). I am making  strawberry balsamic blackpepper jam tomorrow as wedding favors for my niece’s wedding.
  • beets – Flores Farm these are delicious. don’t  forget  to eat the tops – sautee or cook like you would greens.
  • romaine lettuce – Flores  Farm Mark grilled, then we put blue cheese and vinaigrette on it.would be good with caeser dressing too.
  • cilantro   Flores Farm-   cilantro pesto or cream sauce
  • dandelion greens – Flores Farm perfect for spring! its slight bitterness allows for expansion in life, and stimulates the liver (chinese dietary therapy). Try Sauteed Dandelion Greens with olive oil, Lemon and Garlic
  • long radish – Flores Farm  perfect for pickling
  • pea shoots – Flores Farm — Taste like sweet peas, so sweet you can just eat as a snack. Or throw in your salad.
  • totsoi – Flores Farm – a type of chinese spinach Try this Vietnamese Hanoi Noodle Soup  with Tatsoi,  Bokchoy and chicken breast. or breakfast Tatsoi Egg Bake
  • bok choy – Flores Farm –  stir fried chicken with bok choy — use the ramps! and chicken breast.

Meat – Probably a combination of these, not sure yet.




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