Nov 202012

by Devin Hunter, F2F Market Coordinator

Just in time for Thanksgiving- a treat for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Introducing the Veggieducken, a sweet potato surrounded by leeks inside of a banana squash.

Follow the link above for the recipe. And if you decide to make one this holiday season, then please comment below on your experience.

Happy Holidays!

Nov 132012
If you are like many of our customers, you often look at a vegetable and think, “What can I do with this?” Oftentimes this way of thinking can limit your interest in trying new things as cooking with different foods can seem overwhelming. Below is a tasty AND simple recipe for eggplant, using seasonal ingredients.
Turned On Eggplant Pizza
Originally from the Hippie /Kitchen Cookbook (pg. 95) by Jean Johnson, Amended by Devin Hunter (F2F Market Coordinator)


1 medium- sized eggplant per person, sliced in half long ways

Handful of arugula, spinach, or other leafy green of your liking

Goats ‘R Us feta or Old Church Creamery kefir cheese

5-10 leaves of fresh basil depending on preference, chopped

Olive Oil

Red Wine Vinegar (or may I suggest one of the delicious Bombolini vinegars)


Salt & pepper to taste


Slice eggplant long ways and lightly brush with olive oil. Place eggplant halves on barbecue over low heat with the lid on.  Grill until desired tenderness. Work additional olive oil over the chopped basil and greens. The oil helps keep the basil from discoloring. Once the greens are coated, drizzle with vinegar. It will bead up nicely and offer tiny tart hints of flavor. Put all toppings on pizza and enjoy!

Nov 062012

Farm to Family Friends- We need your help! Come volunteer with us at BusFarm, our urban farm, this week. We can use you  anytime after 9am on Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday of this week. The projects will be ongoing each day so any time you have to give would be much appreciated. We need help weeding, working on bedding, winterizing, etc. We have many cleaning projects that we need help with in the greenhouse, organizing being a major priority. Anyone with a tractor with a front loader would be helpful too, as we need to move mounds of compost.

Please shoot us an email at or call 804-767-8570 to let us know what day and time you plan on coming. If you don’t know, that’s fine- just show up and we will put you to work.

Lastly, if anyone has leftover wood we could really use it. We are able to pickup so please let us know.

Please dress appropriately – it is cold out this week. Bring gloves, hat, long pants, appropriate shoes/boots for the garden and a water bottle. Snacks will be provided.

Thank you!
Suzi + Mark Lilly and Staff