Jun 062013

We wish to thank everyone for their support of Farm to Family’s Outpost in Southside. Unfortunately we will have to close this location at end of day on Sunday, June 9th.  It was a very difficult decision to close down and pull out of the TaZa location just as the season was beginning, as we truly love the neighborhood and the people in it. But we have come to the point where we had to make the decision that it was no longer viable for us to continue there.

We know that many of you are disappointed or sad or frustrated and we are sorry that we are unable to sustain our presence on the Southside at this time. We faced numerous challenges and certain logistics and design problems that were much harder than anticipated.  Thank you to everyone for observations, insights and advice. If we could have done it over knowing what we know now, many things would have been different.

Suzi also became very ill just before we opened, which was a major curve ball for us — recovery has been long and hard, and that also factored into our decision to close before we had really made our footprint on the Southside.

Thank you to the local press for writing or broadcasting about the Southside Outpost, and especially all the generous people on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr who talked, blogged or wrote about us, photographed us, tweeted or liked us. You are the best. Thank you again to everyone who has shopped with us, visited, called, sent us messages or posted words of encouragement when you heard we were closing Southside.

Thank you to our staff — Krissy, Deanne, Devin and Diego – you are truly fabulous. We appreciate you and your hard work very much to try to make this happen. We also are grateful to TaZa who gave us this opportunity to be in their space, and to Chocolates by Kelly, who also share the space.

We ask that everyone makes the active decision to support TaZa and Chocolates by Kelly – they have a great thing going. Please support your local businesses, farmers, farmer’s markets and grow your own vegetables as much as possible. Your local economy will not thrive if you do not choose to support it. We hope that you will continue to help grow Farm to Family, our farmers and vendors, by making the trip to visit our market and farm on 360 East.

Sincerely, Suzi and Mark Lilly

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