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Now accepting applications for our  Spring/Summer 2015 CSA in Washington, DC. Please follow this link for more information and to sign up online! 

Farm to Family brings the best of local foods to communities in Washington, DC through our Farm Shares, or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We are are now offering shares for the 2015 Spring/Summer season which are available weekly/biweekly. Members can join at any time, pro-rated costs are on our sign up website.

Farm to Family Fall USA Farm Share – Eastern Market Pick Up

Season runs 24 weeks, starting April 21 and ending September 28, 2015.

We were listed in the Washington Post story on flexible CSAs in the Washington DC area.

We work with notable farms/producers like Polyface FarmsProspect FarmEdmond’s FarmHeritage Hollow FarmGoats r UsOld Church CreameryGreen Fence FarmPampatike Organic FarmPromise Land PasturesTuckahoe Lamb and Cattle CompanySausage CraftAgriberry and Twin Oaks along with our own non-profit urban farm and agricultural educational center, BusFarm. Your CSA farm share directly supports BusFarm — 5% of membership proceeds go to BusFarm. See BusFarm in action!

We are EBT, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, WAPF and food allergy friendly. We offer payment plans. Got an issue? Ask us and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!  We donate missed pickups (without prior arrangements) to needy families. You can also sponsor a family for one time, or the whole season. Contact us for info on being a sponsor.

Our mission is to grow, source and distribute fresh local products, and encourage a healthy diet of home-grown/hand-made items from our local food shed. Together we can make positive changes to our food system, create local resiliency, educate our youth, create jobs and promote healthier living. All proceeds from our “Farm to Family” CSA program go towards our BUSFARM projects: visiting schools, urban farming, nutrition education, and more. Please help support our efforts and our local farmers. Make a donation if you can or join our flexible CSA program today!

24 weeks in season. 

Shares can be pro-rated for late joiners. 


  • Grass-fed/pastured meats $35 per time
  • Grass-fed dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, eggs) $32 per time
  • Produce (local, seasonal) $45 per time
  • *Complete package – *Meat, dairy, produce and bread $118 per time


  • Bread
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy –  (Twin Oaks tofu, tempeh and vegan sausages)
  • Eggs
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Pantry items like honey, jams, condiments, bakery

Seasonal Membership Fee 

Includes fuel, labor, admin – all our fixed costs etc for the season. This is charged per delivery.

More Info

  • 10 % discount for active military/veterans. Email for info.
  • A la carte items available include honey, coffee, molasses, spice/herbs, teas, sauces and more
  • A la carte meats/dairy available.
  • Flexible membership includes payment plans and pro-ration (join at any time, subtract for vacation/travel time). You can combine all options/add-ons or frequency (i.e. weekly veg + bi-weekly meat).
  • We also take monthly EBT/SNAP benefit payments for shares/a la carte (call for details).
  • Missed pickups/shares are donated unless you make prior arrangements.
  • Please know that local farm operations are subject to acts of Mother Nature and can change at any time. We make every effort to provide substitutes etc should this arise.
  • How many people will it feed? Well, it depends. How much do you eat?  How old are you? What do you eat?  Where do you want to go with your nutrition? Do you cook a lot? Where else will you shop? Do you eat out? Do you make lunches? How much are you spending on REAL food now? Visit our FAQs  Still have questions on quantity or frequency? Call us and we can help you decide.


The Fine Print

*Remember there are risks involved in farming and there are no guarantees when dealing with Mother Nature, humans, vehicles, traffic and animals and we all assume risks in a CSA contract. Although we have had a great deal of good fortune with this program thus far we must all consider the fact that there are possibilities of having to be flexible. As we are working with a number of farmers, we have tried to minimize risk and offer alternatives. We have and will continue to provide the best service possible to get all your pre-paid products to you in a timely orderly fashion. We appreciate your support of local food and choice to feed your family by joining our program.

*Shares will be donated if not picked up. No refunds. Please contact us to make arrangements if you cannot get your share (we have several options for you including donating your share) or have someone else pickup your share.

*Please address any questions or concerns with us as soon as possible so we can provide you with the best possible customer service, along with the best foods our food shed has to offer.

If you have any questions feel free to call (804-767-8570) or email us at: farmshares(at) thefarmbus.com . We are honored and grateful to work with you.

Be a CSA host drop-site — FREE FOOD!

Anyone want a free CSA /farm share? Sure you do! It’s easy easy, just become a host (drop site) for the CSA at your home or business. We need you to help us recruit at least 10 people to make it happen. Use your network of friends, neighbors, co-workers and family along with social media etc to get 10 people! We will also help you build it up through our networks. It’s a win win for everyone, supports community, local farms, creates jobs, eat healthier, cook at home and part of the the CSA membership helps support our NPO “BUSFARM” (urban farm project) .

What is a CSA?

What YOU could get in your share every time!

A CSA is a form of mutual partnership between a farmer and a consumer. Our CSA is modified because we bring food to folks in the city, from several farms and artisan food makers including growing our own. Rather than go through several layers of middle people, consumers make a commitment to directly support individual food growers + small distributors like us, by providing money (and sometimes labor) for their yearly operating budget. In exchange, they receive a dividend of the freshest produce and cleanest meats possible. Each supporter buys a “share” of the produce and meats (not unlike a share of stock) and takes on some of the risks and benefits of growing food along with the farmer.  Our members support our non-profit urban farm, BusFarm, along with a variety of farmers and artisanal food makers.  Check here to see a list of who we work with and their farming practice. Our CSA is not about getting discounted produce, nor is it a cooperative. It is an unique way for people to gain a better knowledge of the food they put in their bodies by directly supporting the process, people, and land it takes to produce it.

All products are locally grown and produced within 167 miles of Richmond, VA.


BusFarm, our urban farm and agricultural training center grows food and teaches people of all ages about food sovereignty and to become food secure.

Helping Us to Help Others

5% profits from our CSA go to support our urban farm and educational center, BUSFARM, and purchases veggies and other products produced at BUSFARM for your share. Please know if you are unable to pickup your share, you can donate your share for that week to a family in need. Unclaimed shares will be automatically donated. You can also purchase a share for a family that is need (one share, or a whole season. We can help you find a family that fits you – (single mom, children with disability, etc)  Contact us for more details.

Testimonials – What Others Say About Us

“Suzi and Mark Lilly are very nice and very helpful. Their knowledge of the products that they bring to us and their product mix are good. Their regular CSA share options are all quite generous and they are able to add extra products that round out the pantry.” – Ron L., Washington DC

“F2F has provided my four children and I with exposure to gardening, composting, healthier food choices, healthy recipes and cooking alternatives. Through the CSA Program, we benefited from eating farm fresh produce, dairy and meats. It is truly amazing to compare the health benefits of eating farm fresh foods versus processed foods;fresh is truly best. This past summer, we planted a small garden at home and plan to continue gardening going forward. It is so nice to have access to healthy food choices in the community via Farm to Family.”  Sharon F. – Richmond

“Farm to Family’s Produce Baskets are truly a treasure! There are so many reasons I choose to buy them. I enjoy knowing I am supporting my local farmers, my friends at Farm to Family and my community by keeping my money local, but aside from the warm fuzzy altruistic reasons. As a single Mama to three, I simply don’t have time nor do I want to spend time planning meals and making grocery lists, shopping with Farm to Family enables me to pick up a basket of food with little to no thought, and enables me to protect my toddlers from the relentless advertising of unhealthy foods aimed at them in a conventional grocery store. My kids entertain themselves in the play area with the bunnies while I grab the a la carte items I need. Farm to Family’s produce basket ensures my children are getting fresh wholesome meals, and introduces us to many heirloom varieties of foods we would not normally encounter in a conventional grocery store. Usually a quick search on Google yields us with plenty of recipes to try out. My children will grow up eating food that is in season, they will know when things grow and look forward to the first asparagus of spring, summer’s bounty of tomatoes, fall squash and winter’s greens. The meals are aligned with nature, providing water dense juicy foods during the harshest days of summer, and warming starchy foods during the coldest days of winter. We are so lucky to have a CSA that picks up such a wonderful variety of foods from local farms here in Richmond, I am looking forward to signing up this season and receiving my first delivery in April.” – Cynthia W., Richmond, VA.



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