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We source local, mostly Virginia grown foods and artisan products that are hand-raised or crafted. The furthest we travel regularly to farms and food producers is 168.27 miles to Bolar, VA for maple syrup and the closest is our back yard. Occasionally we venture out of state (NC kiwi in winter, butter beans in the summer, and from time to time we may get something from Maryland) but we do stay within our local food shed (BTW “local”, as defined by the USDA, is within 400 miles). Our meats, dairy, poultry and eggs are hand-raised, pastured, raised without hormones or antibiotics. Some of our is USDA Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown, some of it is “organically minded” but uncertified,  bio-intensive and occasionally bio-dynamic, low-spray or conventional. Some of our farmers use integrative pest management and other natural methods to battle pests, mold, fungus. We post our farmer’s growing practices.

We do carry some non-local, but organic staple items like citrus, bananas and avocados because it is not readily available in our neighborhood, and our local customers have asked for it.

If you have more questions about the food we sell, our farmers or vendors, please ask us.

We are always looking for someone to ride “shotgun” on our trips to the farms, volunteer at the  market or Urban Farm, or help out on our CSA drops, so if you are interested in learning about where our food comes from, let us know.

What’s in Season

Here is a great seasonal chart for Virginia (PDF) from the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

What We Carry

Below is a list of all of our farmers and vendors along with their websites orfallwinter social media page (if available) and a brief description of their farming practice and/or certifications. We work very closely with our farmers and have gotten to know them and their farms well. If you require more information on our farmers, vendors and their products, just ask us. Please know that ALL of our farmers are available to answer any of your questions that we can’t, and all also welcome visitors, if you call ahead and schedule a visit.

Grass-fed Meats and Pastured Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, butter) – All of our meat, dairy + eggs are considered to be beyond organic, with no hormones, antibiotics and raised by hand.

Special order meats are available upon request.

  • Polyface Farms – Swope, VA – hen eggs, chicken, beef, pork
  • Heritage Hollow Farms – Sperryville, VA – beef, lamb + pork (formerly Mt. Vernon)
  • Prospect Farm –  Cumberland, VA – beef
  • Edmond’s Farm – Lancaster, VA – bison + pork, hen eggs (soy free)
  • Mt. View Farm –  Fairfield, VA – “meow”  pet milk, raw cheese (aged 60 days), cultured butter, ice cream
  • Eberly Farms – Harrisonburg, VA – raw cheese (aged 60 days) (Mennonite)
  • Goats r Us – Blackstone, VA – pasteurized goat cheese + goat meat
  • Old Church Creamery -Manquin, VA –  pasteurized Jersey milk, cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, kefir, kefir cheese – beyond organic, no hormones or antibiotics
  • Green Fence Farm – Greenville, VA – Rabbit, pork, chicken, lamb, quail, eggs
  • Peachy Family Farm – Goat meat, goats milk cheese, goats milk gelato (Amish)
  • Pampatike Organic Farm – King William, VA – eggs, vegetables, honey
  • Promise Land Pastures – Mechanicsvile, VA – poultry, eggs, rabbit, beef
  • Tuckahoe Lamb and Cattle Company – Cartersville, VA – rabbit, beef, lamb, pork, yarn
  • Sausage Craft – Richmond, VA – artisanal, fresh made sausage
  • Sky View Acres – Pastured poultry + eggs, rabbit, grass-fed beef
  • Virginia Trout Company – trout
  • Shenandoah Family Farms Co-op – Dayton, VA – certified USDA organic free range duck eggs (Mennonite)
  • Harmony Hill Farm – Glen Allen, VA – pastured Chicken, eggs
  • Morning Glory Farm – West Point, VA – pastured eggs, chicken, pork, vegetables
  • Drury Lane Farm – King William, VA – Pastured pork, eggs

1782051_10152416809045935_993777493181133863_nProduce (seasonal vegetables/fruit) – We are in SUMMER now!

  • Fresh culinary herbs, BusFarm; Flores Farm, Hague, VA
  • Mushrooms – Shiitake and oyster – AM Fog – Afton Mountain, VA – organically minded; Rob Woolfolk
  • Peanuts – Virginia Peanut Company  Franklin, VA in the shell, and in cans, conventional
  • Radishes- Flores Farm, Hague, VA- Low Spray
  • Cherry Tomatoes –  BusFarm, Henrico, Flores Farm, Hague, VA-, Hanover- Dodd’s
  • Potatoes- Sam Kirby, Hanover, VA, SVPA Produce Auction
  • Sweet Potatoes – Sam Kirby, Hanover, VA
  • Onions (red, white, yellow)- SVPA Produce Auction
  • Green Spring Onions – Sam Kirby, Hanover, VA; Flores Farm; Bus Farm
  • Kale, chard, romaine – Sam Kirby, Hanover, VA; Flores Farm, Hague VA, Alvin Brooks, King Williams
  • Greens such as chard, kale – Pampatike Organic Farm, King William, VA
  • Cabbage – Flores Farm, Hague VA
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower – Flores Farm, Hague VA
  • Carrots – Flores Farm, Hague VA
  • Squash – Dodd’s Farm
  • Beets – Flores Farm, Hague, VA
  • Turnips – Flores Farm, Hague, VA
  • Fennel – Flores Farm, Hague, VA
  • Kohlrabi – Flores Farm, Hague, VA
  • Hanover Tomatoes- Dodd’s Farm Hanover, VA
  • Bell Peppers- Dood’s Farm Hanover, VA
  • Pumpkins – SVPA


  • apples-  Saunders Bros. – Piney River, VA – Integrative Pest Management
  • Asian Pears sourced by – Agriberry, Hanover, VA – Integrative Pest Management
  • Pears – sourced by Agriberry, Hanover, VA – Integrative Pest Management


Our neighborhood has requested more diversity, particularly for juicing, so we have brought in organic, but not local items to round out our offerings.

  • lemons
  • oranges
  • bananas
  • apples
  • avocados
  • berries not in season


Bread, Pantry, and Everything Else

Plants, Flowers and Seeds

We carry a variety of seasonal plants, starter seedlings, flowers and seeds which vary. Please stop by the bus,market or call for variety/pricing.

Bodycare, Kitchen, Crafts and Handmade Gifts – Buy Local!

Great selection of artisanal crafts, one of a kind greeting cards, jewelry,  lots of baby items, hand-made skin and body care, incense, soaps, dog and cat treats and products, cleaning products and housewares including House of Lukaya, Refresh Soap Company, Prayer Monkey, Dog Town Lounge, Jackson Sage, Rural Revolution, Mac Smack, Herban Avenue, The Monkey and Me, Grow in Grace Farms, Holly Rae, Lilly Infusion,  Bianca Merkley, Good Scents OCD Cleaning Products and more.

We are excited to announce that we now carry Fenugreen Fresh Paper — like a dryer sheet for your produce, this simple herbal sheet extends the life of your fruits and veggies 2 to 4 times, is reusable and works in your fridge, on your counter, in the bowl, in the carton, in the bag. Watch Kavita (the inventor’s) TEDx Manhattan talk.

We are extremely grateful to all our friends, fans, customers, volunteers, family, vendors and farmers who have been on this journey with us. Y’all are awesome!

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